A Home Fit for a Party


The season of giving and get-togethers is around the corner. Add warmth to your celebrations by creating a comfortable and inviting aesthetic from the moment your guests step inside your home.

Welcome Guests with an Inviting Entryway

Your front entryway is the first impression you give to your guests; make it count with maximum curb appeal. The color you choose for your front door serves as a reflection of your personal style. Check out our post on front door upgrades to explore some of the latest trends. Simple additions such as potted plants or welcome mats go a long way toward creating a welcoming entrance for your guests. Strong lighting, a large awning, and seating by the door helps create a nicer environment for anyone who might need to wait for you—especially if it rains or happens to be very sunny and bright out.


Barn Doors for Flexibility and Open Space

Transform your space with sliding barn doors that dramatically open up the layout of your home. Barn doors offer the flexibility to create fluidity between rooms, creating larger open spaces for hosting big parties while still providing the option of a more intimate atmosphere for smaller gatherings.

Sometimes it’s nice to close off the kitchen from the rest of the house. Depending on the layout of your home, barn doors in the kitchen are a great solution to improve the flow. They allow hosts the option of keeping things calm for guests in the living room while managing busy activity in the kitchen as meals or drinks are prepared.  


Elevate Your Dining Room with an Elegant Centerpiece

Whether you’re hosting a massive holiday get-together or a simple dinner with friends, an elegant centerpiece will impress your guests before you even begin serving. Extravagance is not necessary to achieve a beautiful centerpiece. Simple greenery such as branches from a eucalyptus or olive tree, paired with candles, makes for a lovely table focal point. Here are more easy centerpiece ideas from Martha Stewart.



Small details make a big difference when it comes to your table settings. Bundles of rosemary or lavender delicately tied to cloth napkins look lovely and provide the added benefit of a subtle aroma to your dining room. Incorporating candles into your centerpiece also dramatically improves the room’s ambiance, but be mindful of candles with strong scents that could overpower the delicious smells of the meal you have prepared.

Upgrade an Outdoor Space

Depending on the season and climate, an outdoor area can be the perfect place for entertaining. Take it a step further and upgrade your grill for some serious outdoor cooking. An outdoor fireplace will further enhance your space as well as open the possibility of utilizing the space during colder months.


Blur Boundaries with Patio Doors

Much like barn doors inside the home, folding or sliding patio doors can significantly open up your space and blur the boundaries between inside and out. In addition to allowing guests to transition easily between environments, having an indoor/outdoor space in your home makes the house feel beautifully expansive.