Contemporary Design Idea: Minimalism


Minimalism for doors and windows

Simplicity and minimalism guide contemporary design. This principle captures the idea of creating spaces that focus on specific elements and removing the clutter. Check out this blog from Houzz on six principles of minimalist design.

To relate minimalism and simplicity to doors and windows, here are some ideas:

Interior doors that stand on their own

Look for customizable interior panel doors. Panels should be square, no rounding, to align with contemporary. Go beyond traditional six-panel looks. Try doors with vertical panels for a clean look. A vertical three-panel door could be further styled to include glass in the center. You can also mix up the configuration of panels. Use horizontal on top with two verticals in-between. Insert glass in the top panel to preserve privacy while maintaining a clean look.

Expansive glass windows offer simplistic sophistication

Imagine large glass windows in your contemporary space. Seek expansive glass windows that allow for the glass to extend all the way to the edge of the frame to illuminate the contemporary feel of your interior and exterior. Expansive glass windows won’t distract from your view. They help to blur the line between inside and outside.

Get creative with double-sliding windows

Look for a double-sliding window that allows both sashes to move. Opt for clean lines and rectangular shapes. These are a perfect contemporary touch for spaces that require a horizontal rather than vertical window. These can also help with the comfort and look of a lower-level space.

Illustrating simplicity and minimalism, the foundations of contemporary design with windows and doors can add just the perfect look for your space. Doors and windows are no longer an afterthought in design; they are part of the entire aesthetic.

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