Contemporary Design: Merging Interior and Exterior


Ideas on how to balance your interior and exterior

Contemporary design merges interior and exterior. From folding doors to interior and exterior synergies, we’re sharing ideas.

A new spin on the folding door

Folding doors work in interior and exterior spaces. Mostly considered utilitarian on the exterior, folding doors are often seen on closets, pantries or laundry areas. Traditional folding doors don’t fit the contemporary category. However, the world of folding doors has evolved. There are many more contemporary options now that use paneling to upgrade from typical accordion doors.

Exterior folding doors are a great way to create an indoor/outdoor experience. The simplicity of the frame and clean lines make this a contemporary look. Use bottom-loading units to reduce the need for support beams, which can disrupt the look. Two-, three- or four-panel configurations are available depending on the space you need.

Interior and exterior door harmony

To carry the same look from exterior to interior, choose a door style that is available in both applications. Look for smooth surfaces that integrate clean lines into the body of the door. You can also integrate the look by using the same hardware finish.

Another way to integrate the looks is to choose doors with panel options. Add glass panels to exterior, and keep interior doors solid. Keep the contemporary vibe by ensuring panels are straight lines and not rounded.

Finding synergies in your interior and exterior spaces provides a “big picture” contemporary style. When your exterior doors are complementary to your interior doors, it demonstrates a personalized touch that you’ll love every time you come home.

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