Contemporary Whimsical Touches for Your Home


Add an element of surprise to your home with a striking front door

Contemporary design includes an unexpected surprise or whimsical touch. The front door is the beginning of any home. So why not do something different and daring? Here are a few ideas for a contemporary whimsical and fun entrance.

Most contemporary homes use gray or neutral palettes. Expansive glass is also a hallmark. Adding a pop of color to your front door is a quirky touch that maintains a contemporary ambiance. So, what color should you choose? The possibilities are limitless. But to keep with contemporary principles, use primary colors like red, blue or yellow. Red or navy complement gray hues. Yellow matches well with browns or similar neutrals.

If color isn’t your style, try multiple stains in horizontal stripes. Start with dark then gradually go lighter. You can repeat the pattern for thinner stripes or keep it to four to six stripes if you prefer them wider.

Expansive glass windows offer simplistic sophistication

Imagine large glass windows in your contemporary space. Seek expansive glass windows that allow for the glass to extend all the way to the edge of the frame to illuminate the contemporary feel of your interior and exterior. Expansive glass windows won’t distract from your view. They help to blur the line between inside and outside.

Use glass with care

Because most contemporary homes use large windows, the use of glass for a front door should be more nuanced. Pick a panel door that allows for custom glass inserts. Clear glass is your best choice; decorative glass will detract from the simplicity of the design. Keep the glass panels in squares or rectangles. Keep lines straight; never rounded. Or for a very bold look, do a center panel of glass with wood inserts.

Accents that attract

Glass isn’t the only way to add whimsy to your door. Hardware strategically placed on your doors can be unexpected and stunning. One idea is to use a dark cherry finish and add a stainless steel metallic accent down the center of the door. It’s so simple yet is unforgettable to anyone who walks through it.

Small pieces of hardware can be added in unique ways. Stick with straight lines, preferably squares, and adorn stained wood with them. Or insert stainless steel accents in thin vertical lines.

A front door is more than simply an entrance; it sets the tone for the style of any home or building. Make it distinctive and contemporary by trying these front door design ideas.

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