Farmhouse Dutch Doors


The Dutch door has been a part of door history since the 1600s. And it’s not called Dutch for some mysterious reason. It’s from the Dutch. It first began making an appearance in the American colonies of New York and New Jersey, which were settled by the Dutch.

The Dutch door became extremely popular, not because of how it looked, but because of how it worked. Opening just the top of the Dutch door allowed fresh air to keep circulating, which was a necessity on long summer days. It worked as a “gate” keeping children in and animals out. It also provided a bit of an early American security system. Homeowners could chat with or accept packages from others without allowing access to the home.

Anatomy of a Dutch door

Dutch doors have two independent moving doors. Rarely are they the same size; usually either the top is one third and the bottom two-thirds or vice versa. A Dutch door has four hinges with the bottom half holding the hardware and lock. The top portion has a latch mechanism to attach the two pieces.

Dutch doors for your farmhouse

Dutch doors were of course very common in early farmhouses. They still have the same functionality as they always have. Now, there are just more opportunities to express your style. There are so many options. To stay true to the aesthetic, consider these Farmhouse Dutch door ideas:

  • Insert glass panes at the top
  • Paint it – you can just do white or try something with some color; blues and greens stick to the earth tones favored by Farmhouse design
  • Choose an arched top to add another subtle design touch
  • Add cross rails to the bottom half in an “x” pattern

Dutch doors work inside, too. There are many reasons to consider a Dutch door as an interior door. Use one for a pantry door so you can see what’s available but keep kids and pets out. Bedroom doors may also benefit from the Dutch treatment. If pets sleep in your bedroom, you want to keep them in but still have air circulating. Anywhere you want to have a barrier but still want air to flow or be able to hear what’s going on throughout the house is a great spot for a Dutch door.

Dutch doors have great appeal and a timeless look. Check out more Dutch door ideas here.