Farmhouse Windows and Doors Ebook


In the Farmhouse windows and doors ebook, you’ll read about the history of the farmhouse and its modern interpretation. We also share ideas on how to capture Farmhouse window and door styles.

Farmhouse origins

Farmhouses were initially built for necessity and function, as those working the farms needed to be close to the animals and crops. Built with whatever materials were close by, farmhouses were most often made of wood. In time, their simplicity became a desired look. Farmhouse windows and doors are a large part of that aesthetic.

Farmhouses today

Farmhouses aren’t just for farms anymore. You’ll find them in both rural and urban areas. To talk about Farmhouse style isn’t so much about the architecture but rather the details. From shiplap to painted brick, there’s an opportunity for anyone to create their Farmhouse dream home.

Five key design elements

We collected some great ideas about the roles of windows and doors in the farmhouse. In our new ebook, “Five Design Elements for Every Farmhouse,” we focus on:

  • Colonial grille windows paired with Farmhouse hallmarks
  • Barn doors
  • Mahogany finishes
  • Entry doors details: double, glass and sidelites
  • Wood windows and transoms

Read the ebook today for inspiration.