Five Old World Accent Ideas for Windows and Doors


Accents added to windows and doors can turn simple elements into wow factors. Old World is known for its use of texture on walls, wrought iron and ornate details. You can marry these accents with standard windows and doors to create a personalized look. Here’s how.

Custom color

The Old World palette is rich and often dark. You can use color or stain finishes to draw the eye to your windows. With custom wood windows, you can choose from a variety of colors and stains to create the look you desire. Match interior window trim to other wood pieces in the room. On the exterior, opt for a color that goes well with the materials of the home, whether that be brick, stucco or stone.

New doors, aged finish

Old World loves a rugged look. You can capture that by adding a distressed finish to your doors. If your exterior has a mix of stucco and rock, which is very popular, then add a stately door that looks as though it’s from a Mediterranean villa from hundreds of years ago. If the distressing is done by hand and carefully crafted, your new door will look like an antique!

Add glass to interior arched doors

Arches are for the interior and exterior. There is really no limit to what doors can have an arched top. If you’re using a double door for rooms like studies, libraries or dens, add some glass with a classic cross grille. This brings warm light in and creates a distinctive look.


There are opportunities for metal accents on your doors and windows. Stick with wrought iron, bronze or burnished brass colors. Metal accents on doors include clavos, speakeasies, straps, grilles and hardware. Coordinate these accents with the rest of your home’s color scheme for a consistent look.

Want your windows to stand out with Old World accents? Get the look of Old World artisans with decorative grilles between the glass. Use a grille pattern on special windows like full circles. These intricate designs will complement the rest of your well-designed Old World home.

Copper cladding

Yes, you can have copper cladding on your custom wood windows and patio doors. Copper is a living finish that will change over time. As your home ages, the artistry of the copper will grow more distinguished. You can also use copper that already has rustic charm. Add copper to the window sash or to a patio door panel.

Accents are what make something personalized. You can express your love for Old World style in the details of your windows and doors.

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