Four Windows and Doors Styles for Your Home

windows and doors styles

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There are many different architectural and home design styles. Many homes are actually a blend of a few. Windows and doors styles can help complement and highlight a specific design theme.

This year, we’ve been talking about four styles: Contemporary, Modern Craftsman, Farmhouse and Old World. We wanted to provide our readers with window and door options to emphasize these styles. Windows and doors have a significant role of any design. Consider this, when looking at a house or building being built without windows or doors, doesn’t it seem so unfinished?

We offer our trade partners and homeowners a whole house solution for windows, interior doors and exterior doors. In the design phase of a new build, remodel or historic renovation, windows and doors are part of the infrastructure.

Styling is a lot about the options. We have many products, like our Siteline® wood windows, that are very versatile. The options including grilles, colors and accents allow these windows to complement everything from a sleek contemporary home to a rustic farmhouse.

You can find looks and ideas for all four styles in our ebook, Four Styles: A World of Possibilities.