From Contemporary to Traditional, Flat Panel Doors Match Any Design Style

The Shaker community, a spiritual group that reached its peak in the 19th century, emphasized the importance of simplicity and functionality in their everyday lives as well as their homes. Handmade Shaker doors became known for their flattened rail and stile construction, which echoes the values of utility, cleanliness and minimalism.

In recent years, flat panel Shaker-style doors have made a huge comeback. One of the great things about flat panel doors is that they have the ability to blend beautifully with any design style, from traditional to contemporary. They are also highly functional, and the absence of deep ridges makes them easy to maintain and clean.

Take a look at some of the endless styling possibilities for flat panel Shaker-style doors.


Madison®: Minimalist Contemporary Style

The clean, single-panel style of the Madison® door is perfect for achieving a polished, contemporary interior. Convert your Madison flat panel door into a barn door to lend a modern farmhouse feel to your space.


Monroe®: Understated Elegance

The two-panel Monroe® interior door beautifully complements both transitional and modern styles. The taller panel on top gives the illusion of a larger door, which brings a bold elegance to any space. A deep wood-look finish adds a sense of warmth.



Conmore®: Modern with a Twist of Craftsman

Five-panel doors were common during the Arts & Crafts movement, and they complement a Craftsman aesthetic. With its streamlined panels, the Conmore® offers a clean, modern version of this classic flat panel door style.  


Craftsman III™: Timeless & Traditional

Often seen in Mission or Craftsman style interiors, the classic three-panel Craftsman III™ design is a versatile door that seamlessly blends traditional style with contemporary sophistication.


Birkdale™: Classic Design & Modern Function

Our newest interior door style is the Birkdale™, which beautifully encompasses the simple elegance of Shaker-style furniture. Sleek, flat panels give a modern feel to this timeless door, making it a great choice for both modern and traditional interiors.  


No matter your design style, the versatility of Shaker-style doors offers a beautiful upgrade to any interior room. Picking a flat panel door that speaks to you is the first step toward creating a stylish interior that complements your home and inspires your guests. Discover the endless possibilities here.