Warehouse Renovation Reveals Family Home with a Modern Twist

The Our Little Warehome vlog series follows the Branch family as they transform a battered downtown warehouse into their family’s dream warehome. This is not your average warehouse renovation story, and the results are sure to amaze you.

When Allan and Anna Branch first bought an 80-year-old abandoned warehouse in downtown Panama City, Florida, it was far from a home. It served as an auto repair garage from the 1930s to the 1950s, and had been used as a storage facility for the next  30+ years, after which it was virtually abandoned. This space was in desperate need of some TLC, which is exactly what the Branches set out to give it when they embarked upon this warehouse renovation. 

This remodeling journey was an exciting new experience for Allan and Anna, who had never built or renovated a home before. However, what they lacked in experience, they made up for in innate DIY talent and vision. With the help of their kids Jimmy and Sarah, some talented builders and great designers, they knew they were up to the task.

In just 12 months, with lots of hard work and many big decisions, the Branch family warehouse renovation resulted in an almost unrecognizable dream home.

Allan had the right idea when it came to their home’s exterior:

“The windows and doors are the first thing people notice about your building. They create the face of your building, and we wanted our face to be beautiful and strong.”

Because the design of the home was to have “the newest, most advanced technology with an old-world feel,” they selected JELD-WEN for its beautiful style and innovative functionality.  

Anna wanted the door to act as focal point, so she chose a dramatic black for her glass panel JELD-WEN door and surrounded it with a deep green. These color choices provided the perfect contrast for a bold entrance.

The Branches were especially excited to learn about JELD-WEN’s cutting-edge AuraLast wood treatment, which made it possible for them to have wood windows despite living so close to the salty Florida coast. They were also able to custom shape their wood windows to complement the unique architecture of the home, and added beautiful copper-colored cladding to their JELD-WEN wood windows which they emphasized with black trim.  

The original building had a loading dock area, which the Branch family chose to embrace rather than restructure, resulting in one of the most unique custom features of the home: An aluminum, double-pane JELD-WEN rolling door. A rolling door is designed like a garage door for the interior of your home, but with much more style. In this case, it provided the opening to a balcony for their kitchen and living room.

Solid core 5-panel JELD-WEN doors were installed throughout the interior to help prevent sound traveling throughout the large home. The doors impart a classic Craftsman style to the home.  

Florida’s climate introduces a safety concern: Hurricanes. In fact, the Branches had to deal with four hurricane scares while they were working on their remodel. Doors and windows are the most vulnerable areas of a home during a hurricane, especially the glass. This is why the family chose windows with JELD-WEN ImpactGard glass protection. This technology contains an interlayer which tightly bonds the two layers of glass, making it extremely resistant to impact from harsh storm conditions and wind-borne debris, as well as attempts of forced entry.

Energy efficiency was also a huge priority for Allan and Anna. Being in Florida, they knew that finding ways to keep their home insulated and cool during the summer could contribute greatly to their energy conservation by reducing how much they use the AC. This is why they were attracted to the Low E-glass element of their new JELD-WEN windows.

Low E-glass windows are designed to keep solar rays out of the home with a special thin metallic coating on the glass. This protective coating works to keep the heat out during the summer and in during the winter.

One of the family’s big complaints about their previous home was that during the summer months they had to keep their blinds drawn at all times to keep out the hot rays of sun. Now they are able to enjoy the natural light from their huge JELD-WEN wood windows, with the house staying cool and comfortable.

By the end of the series, it is hard to believe that this beautiful home was not so long ago a deteriorating warehouse. The Branches did an amazing job of revamping the home to their liking while incorporating original details such as the brick walls. From smart technology and planning to beautiful design, this home has it all.

Watching the transformation of the space will inspire new possibilities you may have never considered.