Mirrored Panel Bathroom Door: Get the Look


A full-length mirror requires a lot of space. There’s also only a few places it makes sense to place them. So, if you’re out of wall space and still want a full view, what are the options? The answer is a mirrored panel bathroom door.

But don’t consider attaching any mirror to your existing door. This could lead to multiple problems. The door may not be equipped for the extra weight. How will you properly adhere it without the concern of it coming loose? If you try to frame it in, this could cause the door to be rendered inoperable.

Choose a mirror paneled bathroom door designed to hold glass

The better option is to install a mirror panel door that is designed to hold mirrored glass. A mirrored door should also have a solid core for more stability. A solid core helps reduce sound transmission as well.

When building a new house or replacing all your interior doors, consider choosing a collection that has multiple options but a consistent look. Many interior door collections have a variety of panel configurations but maintain a cohesive look. So, your bathroom door may have a mirror on one side and a panel configuration on the other. This configuration can then be carried out among the rest of your interior doors.

How to get the look

Get the look with our MODA™ Collection of interior doors. Choose from 21 different panel styles, including a full lite mirror on one side. Browse the entire collection.