New IWP® Aurora® Fiberglass Pivot Doors: How to Make a Grand Entrance

Pivot doors are a fresh way to create a modern entrance. Long used for commercial entries, they’ve now become a coveted look for high-end residential properties.

The hardware allows doors to swing on a point at the top and bottom. Seen mainly in contemporary designs, pivot doors display a “floating” effect, conjuring a very modern vibe.

Two trends fuse for a desired look

An IWP® Aurora® pivot door merges two trends in building. First, pivot doors create a seamless transition from interior to exterior. The desire of homeowners to have an outside living space that fits naturally with the interior continues to grow. Pivot doors are ideal for this trend.

The second trend is the use of larger doors to construct grand entryways. Pivot door hardware can support much heavier, broader and taller doors than traditional hinges can.

Pairing with the Aurora door

Pivot door hardware pairs impeccably with our Aurora custom fiberglass doors. These handcrafted doors offer the most authentic replicated woodgrain available. They look like real wood, but they deliver the durability and superior performance of fiberglass. Plus, there are many options for creating a customized look — from finishes to glass inserts.

One of the most impactful features of the Aurora pivot door is its sheer size. Each door can be crafted up to 10 feet tall and four feet wide.

The September 2017 edition of Professional Builder features an Aurora pivot door (A802) in an award-winning contemporary home in Playa Vista, California. Designed by Robert Hidey Architects and built by Brookfield Residential, this beautiful 4,500 square foot home with zinc metal paneling and expansive glass won the Gold Professional Builder Design Award.

Smooth operation

Aurora pivot doors operate almost effortlessly. With the door rotating on a pivot box, even a larger panel can be opened with a simple touch, giving the illusion that the door is independent of its frame.

Get the look

Aurora fiberglass pivot doors are a unique architectural solution for everything from custom homes to multi-family residences to light commercial entries.

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