Discover a World of Possibilities: Old World Entry Door Design


The Old World entry door commands attention

In exploring Old World style for homes, the first stop is literally the entry door. An entry door welcomes the world in and sets the tone for the style of the home. Old World design lovers are never boring or bland. Yet, there is real dichotomy in the design. There’s the contrast between masculine and feminine; the balance between grand and comfortable. In this ebook, we look at five ideas to consider for your Old World entry door design.

Five Old World entry door design ideas that add a distinct, unique touch:

  • Metal accents
  • Decorative glass and caming
  • Arching
  • Raised paneling
  • Accent carvings and distressing

We also look at the differences between fiberglass and wood and how to make an appropriate selection for your needs and climate. Check out all the Old World entry door design ideas by reading our ebook.

Read the ebook, “The Old World Entry Door: Discover a World of Possibilities” today!

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