Old World Interior Doors


If you’re designing for Old World style, don’t forget about your interior doors. Interior doors don’t have to be plain or boring. Old World interior doors can have a carved appearance, raised panels and other details. There are many options that offer great appeal. There are several benefits associated with how a composite wood door is made. In this blog, we’ll take a look at those.

Benefits of wood composite doors

In addition to adding style, interior doors can offer other benefits. First consider the materials. Deriving doors from composite wood, an engineered wood product made from wood fibers, can provide better performance than wood. Composite wood doesn’t react to humidity the way that all-wood doors do. It resists bowing, splitting and warping. Composite is also more durable. It can withstand the daily abuse that an interior door must take. This type of core also helps to block out sound so when closed, any room can be a quiet room.

The look of wood composite doors

Because composite doors aren’t all-wood, there’s no visible grain or imperfections to bleed through the paint. These painted doors will look great for years.

Creating Old World interior doors

Old World style is a blend of hard and soft; formal and comfortable. Carvings and details are found throughout homes in patterns, on furniture and of course on doors. Composite doors can be finished with a carved appearance. There are a variety of patterns to customize the look. Complement the etchings in your mantle or the intricacy of your molding in your interior doors.

First you would choose your profile, which can be wide or narrow. Then decide how intricate you want the door. Panels can be raised or inlaid. Dramatic contours make a statement. Complete the look by choosing a color for your door. Old World color patterns are known to be rich and regal. Colors are often dark like burgundy, navy or forest green. Ocher and cream are lighter. Really, the choice is up to you and how much you want your Old World interior doors to stand out.

To learn more about the benefits and options for composite wood doors, view our TRIA™ Composite Interior Door Collection.