Introducing DesignGlide™ Soft-Close Barn Door Hardware


Turn any standard-sized door into a barn door

Barn doors aren’t just for the barn. In fact, they have become a great functional and unique element of home design. The challenge many faced was that hardware was complex and only worked with special sized doors. Understanding the need in the home design market, JELD-WEN developed DesignGlide™ barn door hardware. DesignGlide is a unique, soft-close barn door hardware that works with any standard 80” door.

What makes DesignGlide so unique?

  • Use with any standard 80” door (the typical size for interior doors)
  • Remove your old door – no other work required
  • Accent rails for top and bottom add extra style
  • No slamming shut ever

This patent-pending system is revolutionizing the barn door market by providing a world of possibilities for design options. With the freedom to choose any door, a barn door can fit any aesthetic. Use a sleek, simple door for a contemporary look. A paneled door in a dark color or stain adds character to a Modern Craftsman home. Or go rustic with reclaimed wood for a traditional farmhouse vibe. With two hardware finishes, you can create a variety of styles.

DesignGlide is DIY friendly

Since no new framing or special doors are needed, DesignGlide can be installed rather easily. The kit comes with all the necessary hardware to create a barn door system.

It’s a four step process:

  1. Install hardware.
  2. Place top and bottom accent rails.
  3. Attach track and backerboard.
  4. Hang your door.

Barn doors are versatile

Where will you use your barn door? Barn doors add depth and interest to any room. How you decide to use yours is up to you. DesignGlide lets you be the designer. Use it as bathroom door where a typical outswing door wont’ fit. Replace traditional bi-fold doors on a laundry room or closet. Divide an office area from a great room. Or use them as a way to cover shelving, entertainment centers or storage.

Learn more about DesignGlide barn door hardware today! 

Add a Kitchen Pantry Barn Door for Style and Functionality


Inspiring ideas for your kitchen pantry

A kitchen pantry barn door will not only add style to your kitchen, it’s also a great space saver. Not every kitchen has the perfect space or layout. So, you have to just make it work. A barn door allows for you to fully close off the area without the need for an in- or outswing, which may be space prohibitive.

Conceal and add interest

Pantries are great storage areas for food, bowls, plates and more. However, you probably don’t want it exposed to the world. That’s why barn doors are such a great fit. They offer you a way to conceal while adding visual interest.

Barn door styles are versatile

If you think barn doors only work in farmhouses, think again. A barn door can look great in any kitchen, even contemporary ones. It’s all about the door you choose. If you do love the Farmhouse look, use a salvaged door or one that has those characteristics. If you prefer a contemporary look, choose a door with simple lines. Simple lines can mean a three-panel or flat door.

Color, glass or accents

Once you have a style then consider colors and accents. Is your kitchen mostly muted tones? Adding a pop of color on a barn door pantry door can liven up any space. If you’d prefer the barn door blend seamlessly then paint it your wall color. Add more function to the doors by using chalk paint, turning it into a message board.

If color isn’t a solution there’s the opportunity to bring in glass. You can use a door with glass panels. Those could be clear or translucent, depending on how much you want visible.

To accent your door, you have the option to add some personality with hardware. From the rails to pulls to handles, there are many options to fit your style.

An easy transformation

One of the biggest challenges related to barn doors has been the requirement to use oversized doors with hardware. That’s not the case with DesignGlide™ barn door hardware. You can use any standard 80” door with DesignGlide. No reframing is required. You’ll also enjoy a soft close every time.

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