Transom Windows Bathroom Design Ideas


Transom or fixed windows can offer natural light while maintaining privacy

If your bathroom is suffering from lack of natural light, but typical windows like single- or double-hung windows won’t fit, you may think there’s no solution. Consider transom windows to add touches of light while also maintaining privacy.

What are transom windows?

Transom windows are any windows that are typically small and are often found above doors or other windows. But they can also be used on their own. Traditionally, transoms were known as being fan-shaped, providing an arch to a window set. Transoms are for decorative purposes, as they are fixed and do not open.

Ideas for using transom windows in your bathroom

If you have a small bathroom with little opportunity for natural light, consider transoms. Transoms can be curved or straight. First, you should determine the space you have available. This may mean areas above vanities or real estate above a shower or tub.

This will provide you with the approximate measurements and help you choose the right style. Then add details! Transoms can be constructed of decorative glass, including glass and caming designs. Depending on the style of your bathroom, you may opt for something traditional or contemporary. There are many ways to customize. As an alternative to decorative glass, you can use textured glass, which also allows for you to create a look that fits your space.

If the transoms are large enough, you can add divided lites to mimic other windows or just to add some additional interest.

Just adding a few smaller windows in your bathroom can really open it up. That touch of natural light can make a small space look bigger and more inviting.