What is Contemporary Design?


Five tips on how to explore contemporary possibilities for windows and doors

Contemporary design literally means “of the moment.” Straight lines and tone-on-tone color palettes define this style. Sleek, casual and inviting, contemporary design is simple yet stunning. Often confused with its cousin, modern design, it has its own distinct attributes. Contemporary design is always evolving based on the “now” of design but is rooted in clean lines and minimalism. Learn more about contemporary decorating from Better Homes & Gardens.

To extend contemporary from just decor and furniture, try these five tips for windows and doors:

Tip one: Try a bold front door.

Whether it’s color like red or yellow or adding metallic accents, a stunning front door creates a contemporary entrance. Not into color? You can still have a dramatic entrance by using multiple wood stains.

You can also play with glass. Think beyond traditional decorative glass. Now you have the option to use glass in many different ways. Mix and match panels, use tempered glass for texture or frosted glass with floating panels.

Tip two: Elevate interior doors with a touch of style.

You may not know this, but interior doors don’t have to be boring. Once thought of as just functional pieces that provided division and privacy, the interior door is now much more than just something to shut.

To create a contemporary interior door, look for doors that offer different flat panel variations. The panels should have straight lines. Raised or textured doors should be avoided.

Top off interior doors with chrome or nickel finishes, which have a much more contemporary feel than brass or bronze.

Tip three: Choose minimal framing on windows.

Framing for windows doesn’t have to be thick. With thin framing, it’s the glass that provides the style. Keeping window framing simple allows for an open view. You can also try a square corner window. To make this look contemporary, use profiles, glazing and trim pieces that are unobtrusive. Structural mull can be as little as one-quarter inch. This look makes it seem as if the glass is floating.

Tip four: Consider a folding wall system to merge interior and exterior.

A folding wall system is a great showpiece for any contemporary home. The folding system allows you to merge interior and exterior living space. Ensure that you use a system with heavy-duty aluminum to protect against weather and wear and tear. Ball bearings offer a smooth opening so you won’t have to worry about opening and closing.

Tip five: Enhance a bonus space with sliding windows.

Horizontal sliding windows offer style and function. Versatile yet stunning, the sash slide horizontally, which allows for a great breeze on a warm day. Sliding windows are available in wood or vinyl; choose the style that best fits your room. Add some sleek hardware to finish the look.

Contemporary design is meant to be fun without the fuss. Ready to incorporate contemporary windows and doors into your design? Discover the contemporary possibilities from JELD-WEN.