Window Configurations for Balanced Style and Elegance

 Whether you’re renovating or starting from scratch, the placement and style of your home’s windows are among the most influential elements of its appearance both inside and out. 


When Thinking About Window Configuration, First Consider Architecture: 


When determining which window style and configuration would best complement the exterior of your home, keep the home’s architectural style in mind to achieve a cohesive aesthetic. 


Incorporate Subtle Contrasts in Modern Farmhouse Homes



The Modern Farmhouse architectural style was inspired by the functional details of American farmhouses during the colonial era. Design-wise, they are known for their open, covered front porches, metal roofs, neutral (usually white) colored exteriors, and board-and-batten siding. The signature window styles of Modern Farmhouse homes are double-hung and casement windows, the latter of which are usually tall and narrow. Grilles are common on these windows, often painted a darker color to create a lovely contrast.


Details Matter in Craftsman Homes 




 The Craftsman style home, an American classic, gained popularity at the end of the 19th century through the works of architect brothers Charles Sumner Greene and Henry Mather Greene. These homes are known for their low-pitched gable roofs, exposed beams, tapered columns, and paneled doors. They often feature windows with stylistic details such as grilles. Both casement and double-hung windows complement this architectural style and are almost always grouped together in twos or threes. 


Get Curvy for Mediterranean Homes 




Inspired by the haciendas of the Spanish in the early days of America, Mediterranean homes peaked in popularity during the early 1900s and are most common in states with Spanish history, such as California and Florida. Common characteristics of these homes are red-tiled roofs, stucco, and an abundance of arches. The windows should complement the home’s structural curves: Arched and round windows are most often used, usually placed at the top level of the home. Window grids are less frequently seen but if kept simple will still have a lovely effect.


Go Big and Bold for Contemporary Homes 


Contemporary homes, not to be confused with Modern homes, are constantly evolving. By definition, Contemporary architectural style refers to innovative design that is current and on trend with the present time. While this leaves a lot of room for styling fluidity, common themes in today’s Contemporary design are sustainability, efficiency, and dramatic structural shapes. Almost all window styles fit well in these homes, depending on the aesthetic you are trying to achieve. Many Contemporary homes place several large windows close together to provide both a stunning view and a streamlined appearance.

Listed below are some other window configurations that, although most common in Contemporary architecture and design, are versatile enough to work beautifully across styles.


Beautifully Highlight the Corners of Your Home  


Corner placement of windows provides a unique design and exceptional, often panoramic views. This window configuration is great for bringing in an abundance of natural light from various directions, as opposed to one direction in the case of traditional window placements. This configuration style is thought to have originated during the Art Deco and International style eras and today is most commonly seen in both Contemporary and Modern design.


Complement Your Front Door for an Elegant Entryway  


No matter what style your home falls under, another aspect to consider when looking at window placement is … your front door! Glass within the door as well as sidelites, the glass on the sides of the door, create an elegant entry that allows more light into the home. This effect can be emphasized even further by gracefully “topping” the door with a transom. Windows around or above the front door can beautifully elevate your entrance. 


Let Natural Light In with Expansive Window Walls 

Window walls, while still a unique design element, are gaining popularity. It’s easy to see why: They flood your home with natural light and create a bright, spacious ambiance. They significantly open up a space and provide stunning views that blur the lines separating indoors and out, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of nature from the comfort of your home. Window walls are a great option for any design style, from Traditional to Contemporary.