Windows 101: Window Cleaning Tips for the Best View


Did you know there is actually a right way to clean windows? Depending on the type of window and the debris on the interior or exterior, there are best practices. Many think all it takes is some cleaner in a spray bottle and a roll of paper towels. You may be disappointed after you use this method, as it usually just moves the dirt around. Because you want your windows looking great inside and out, here are some window cleaning tips for the best view.

What kind of cleaning solution should you use?

There are lots of window cleaning products available for purchase. But you can also make your own. To create a “soapy” cleaning solution you can use dish detergent or baby shampoo mixed with water. One tablespoon of the soap per gallon of water should suffice.

What tools do you need?

Depending on the size of the window and if you are dealing with individual panes, you can use a strip applicator (larger areas) or sponge (smaller areas). You will also need a squeegee to remove the soap, and a lint-free cloth to wipe dry.

Window cleaning steps:

  1. Create your cleaning solution in your bucket.
  2. Dip the strip applicator or sponge in the soap and squeeze out excess.
  3. Scrub the glass thoroughly. Remember to get the edges.
  4. Use the squeegee to remove the soap. Moving horizontally works best. Start at the top and work your way down. Apply it at an angle and overlap at least 2″ with each new swipe. As you use the squeegee, clean between swipes with the lint-free rag.
  5. After you finish with the squeegee, wipe all excess water with the lint-free rag. Don’t forget corners.
  6. Wipe sills with a separate cloth to collect any residue or dust.

You can use this method on the interior and exterior.

Stubborn stains

Some stains or debris won’t come off with regular cleaning. You can try a product with oxalic acid. It’s a powder that can be made into a paste. Apply the paste then rinse. To prevent future stains, you can use a protectant.

To make cleaning even easier, we recommend the use of Neat® glass, which was developed to be virtually self-cleaning. It works as a coating that allows for easier cleaning. Learn more about all our glass options.

Cleaning windows regularly is part of the overall care and maintenance. To view complete Care and Maintenance documents, click below on the type of windows you have:

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