Windows 101: Wood Windows


Welcome to the world of wood windows!

Today’s wood windows aren’t the ones you may remember from your grandparent’s house. Wood windows have lost market share to the most cost-effective vinyl options. Vinyl is now thought to be more durable than wood with less maintenance. But not all wood windows are the same.

It’s certainly reasonable to be concerned about the unknowns around wood like rotting, termite infestation or water damage. These issues can cause major headaches for wood window homeowners.

To help remove these concerns, manufacturers began treating the wood used in windows. Most manufacturers apply a surface treatment, meaning the treatment does not penetrate the wood.

JELD-WEN’s treatment goes further. Through innovation and research, we created AuraLast®. AuraLast is a unique treated pine product. It goes all the way to the core, penetrating beyond the surface. AuraLast provides protection against wood rot, water damage and termites.

The AuraLast difference

  • It’s easy on the environment. The water-based treatment releases up to 96 percent fewer volatile organic compounds (VOCs) during the manufacturing process than traditional solvent-based methods.
  • It helps protect against termites. Termites can be devastating to wood windows but not those built with AuraLast. It safely and effectively repels termites, preserving the beauty of your investment.
  • AuraLast stands up to the elements, protecting against water damage and rot like no other.

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