Wood Composite Interior Door Benefits

Wood composite interior doors

Because you deserve the best interior doors

There is more to an interior door than just what you see. What it’s made from and how it’s made impact many factors of its performance and style. When determining what material is right for your doors, consider the many benefits of composite interior doors. Describing the material as composite wood means it is made from an engineered wood product, which is constructed from wood fibers. Wood composite door benefits include better performance, reduced sound transmission, sustainability opportunities and more design options.

Wood composite interior doors perform better

Composite doors don’t react to humidity the way wood doors do. Solid wood doors can expand or contract depending on the level of humidity. Composite doors, however, resist splitting and warping.

Composite doors are also more durable. They can withstand the daily abuse an interior door encounters.

Any room can be a quiet room

Composite doors have a solid core, which helps block out unwanted noise. When compared with a hollow door, composites can block up to 50 percent more noise. There are plenty of spaces in residential and commercial settings that could benefit from this application. Use a composite door on bathrooms, laundry rooms or offices.

Composite doors offer a more sustainable solution

Composite doors can be No Added Urea Formaldehyde (NAUF) certified. This references the type of resin used in composite woods. Formaldehyde occurs naturally in some wood. Having the NAUF certification simply means there was no further formaldehyde added. Composite doors can also contain recycled wood fiber content.

Fire-rated available

Our composite wood doors are also available as 20-, 45-, 60- and 90-minute fire rated. This can offer additional safety features. Options depend on door size and style. Learn more about fire ratings for doors.

Elevated design

Composite doors provide so many design possibilities! There are options for contemporary and traditional looks. You can even design your own with our TRIA™ interior doors. The TRIA collection features three options: C-, L- and R-Series. The C-Series offers a carved appearance with simulated raised panels and two etched profile choices. The L-Series is sleek and simple. Two solid surfaces surround the interior panel. This means no gaps or places in need of touch-up paint. The R-Series stands out with dramatic contours and has three molding detail options.

Our molded wood composite interior doors offer several all panel designs. These are available as textured or smooth. They arrive ready to paint.

Composite doors are also available as flush. Flush doors are clean and offer a traditional look. Because they are composite, they have minimal maintenance. Choose a wood finish or paint.

Composite wood doors have much to offer your spaces. With design and performance, these doors are sure to meet all your needs.